From First Hire To Acquisition

Accomable is a service to help people with mobility difficuilties find accessible properties anywhere in the world.


Accomable approached Lunar Collective for help revamping their product from a simple referral service and grow as a fully-functional communication and payments platform thus allowing customers to organize and pay for accommodations globally, regardless of location or currency.

In addition to the technical expertise, Accomable needed strong mentorship to build up the experience of their internal team so they could innovate the platform going forward themselves.


To address Accomable’s needs, Lunar Collective delivered an internal messaging system and a streamlined payment process. Additionally, we provided technical mentoring for the Accomable team to ensure their growth in experience with the product to successfully maintain it going forward.

After the engagement completed, Accomable was acquired by AirBnB and we stayed on to assist with the integration of platforms.

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