Custom software 
development workshops

Enrich your team in their technical education and in
their approach to creating software.

Workshops are in-person group sessions of several hours of mixed lecture and activities that are meant to both build team unity while imparting the team with a new skill. Not all teams are equal and not all skills can be taught the same way. We pride ourselves on not using ‘off the shelf’ solutions and tailor every workshop to the team, company, and skill being taught.


We offer team mentorship workshops to teach your team how to develop the next round of hires. Effective teaching and mentoring is a skill all of its own, this workshop focuses on giving you and your team the vocabulary, techniques, and confidence to bring additional people onto the team quicker than they thought possible.

Software development

We offer technical skill workshops for an intensive, immersive education on a new language or specific skillset. If your team is wanting to transition into Go, Elm, Elixir, React, Rails, ES6, TDD, OOD, FP, or something else entirely, bring in our skilled teachers to get everyone up to par quickly.

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