Team training and remote mentoring for software developers

Empower your team by bringing them up to the next level.

Your team may not have the bandwidth to train, mentor, or even onboard a new employee. Let us be that bandwidth.

We offer remote and in-house mentoring services, remote pair programming, and junior onboarding for individual growth of one of your developers. We train and mentor your new hire to your standards and ensure they are getting the attention they need to be productive and successful in your team.

We can help your company develop a custom apprenticeship program that addresses the specific practices and needs of your team and the goals of your organization. Apprenticeship programs give your company the unique opportunity to craft the perfect candidates for the positions you need filled. Our team has worked to build and shape curriculum for companies in the past and can apply that knowledge to build the specific program to fit your team and company culture.

A training engagement is considered by us to be a success when your team can see the difference in how they work day to day.

How can we help your team?

Email us or give us a call at 512-649-2494.